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Revamping potter_post

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Hello all!

I'm Tiffany. I'm 21 and have been a Harry Potter fan for near on 10 years now. I am a huge fandom lurker and role player/cosplayer. I met Sasha (stupid_drawings ) at Terminus in Chicago a little over two years ago now. We recently talked about doing in character letter writing to each other once she moves away from me in November. The mention of that had her telling me about this community and the mutual decision to get it going once more. Since she is busy with getting things ready for her move, the bulk of getting this up and running has fallen on me and I am totally up to the challenge!

However, we are going to revamp how everything here goes down.

First, We're going to have a post where you comment with your mailing info as well as a list of characters that you would love to get mail for. Comments will be screened so no one but myself and Sasha will be able to see your info. Once you have done this you never have to give us your info again. I will store it in a secure document for future use.

Second, we will post the mail project of the week. All you have to do is comment letting us know you are in for the project. This allows you to participate as your schedule and wallet see fit. After the sign up deadline hits, we will message you with the information of the person you will be writing to. You will get their mailing info and the list of characters they want to get mail for. Then the fun happens! You pick one of the characters to write to and write! You can write to the character as anyone from the books. Let your imagination go wild. Write to Ginny as Lucius Malfoy or to Snape as Ludo Bagman. The choice is yours and the options endless!

Since mail can be expensive and everyone has busy lives, we're going to do a mail project every two weeks to start with. So we will post the project, give you a couple days to sign up and then, hopefully, more then a week to complete it and get it in the mail.

We have lots of fun project ideas lined up already and are always up for suggestions. I will put up a post where you can post your suggestions for projects in the comments.

I can't wait to get started and I'm sure you can't as well. The first project will go up on Monday the 25th of October. Until then spread the word! The more people involved the better! 

See you soon!
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