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Sign up for the holiday exchange here!

Our holiday exchange will be Harry Potter themed pocket shrines. These are just little mementos you can carry around with you to remind you of things you love (in this case, HP!). There are website that can tell you how to make them, but it's pretty much whatever you want to do with it. Matchboxes and Altoids tins work really well, but anything that could fit in a standard pocket would work. Mixed media, anything you want to put into it.

What I need from you is a comment with:
Email address:
Your favorite character:
What you love most about HP:
How is HP significant to you:
Any other thoughts:

You will receive a name and this person's feelings and favorite thing about HP, which can be your inspiration to create a more personalized pocket shrine that will be cherished forever.

signups will be closed on Oct. 13th, pocket shrines will need to be done and mailed by Dec. 10th. Now, obviously, I can't make sure you mail them on time, this is the honor system, so please only sign up if you intend to make one and send it out. I think that's a good amount of time to work on it.

People signed up so far: 8
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